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At Phillips Goodson & CO., LLC we understand the importance of listening to our clients.  We pride ourselves on learning about our client's needs and getting to know them before developing a plan to help meet their objectives.  Our highly trained and qualified staff of accounting and tax specialists keep up-to-date with the latest laws, regulations, and rulings.  This not only assures our clients of necessary compliance, but also can conserve and even expand their valuable financial resources.

Phillips Goodson & CO., LLC is a diversified, full service firm.  We offer all types of tax,  audit, accounting, consulting, and eldercare services to our clients. Over the years, Phillips Goodson & CO., LLC has remained a solid member of the Lafayette community, keeping in close touch with our clients while always delivering value and quality service.  We strive to be accessible and we always treat your personal information with the utmost confidentiality.  We can be relied upon to maintain:


Our goal has always been to save our clients enough money so that we more than pay our own way.  An accounting firm should be an asset, not just another necessary expense.


As always, our goal is to provide our clients with professional and timely financial information.  We strive to keep up with the most current tax laws, regulations and rulings, and inform our clients concerning current issues that could affect them.  At Phillips Goodson & CO., LLC we invest our time and resources in continuing professional education and computer technology to ensure our commitment to quality.


Keeping in close touch with our clients is important to us.  We are there, and not just during business hours.  On nights, weekends, holidays, and if an emergency arises, we are only a phone call away.  We are ready to listen to you.


All the work we do for our clients, and all our discussions and correspondence, are kept in the strictest confidence.


At Phillips Goodson & CO., LLC not only do we serve the professional needs of our clients, we serve the community as well.  We are active in civic, community, and professional endeavors.  We believe you are better served if we have a sense of the community and state in which we all live and work.